List Dad rc5 at llamas.net
Thu Jan 15 18:05:30 EST 1998


I just received a letter from Doug Bitting, apologizing to the list for 
sending a letter which contained the entirety of Digest 105.

Doug had no reason to apologize, but I do! We all make mistakes, but it 
was my job to catch that one, and I didn't do it. In fact, I got a chill 
down my spine when I read his apology... I didn't know what he was 
talking about until I looked through the old mail! (His original letter, 
which included the digest, was displayed in such a way that the last line 
in the window on my screen was his .sig, and I didn't bother to scroll 
past it.)

So, I apologize!

To Doug: No apology necessary... your moderator was apparently sleeping 
on the job!

And one last thing...

Thank you, everyone, for doing a generally excellent job of keeping your 
posts on topic. Out of the nearly 800 letters that have passed by me 
since Monday (!), less than 50 could be considered truly off topic. I've 
had to bounce boat-loads of repetitive posts, but that's just a result of 
everyone asking and answering the same questions.

Things are running smoothly, and that's a GREAT THING(TM)!

List Dad
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