[RC5] Minor bug with rc5des client (linux)

James Mastros root at jennifer-unix.dyn.ml.org
Thu Jan 15 20:52:24 EST 1998

On Thu, 15 Jan 1998, Joe Zbiciak wrote:
> 'James Mastros' said previously:
> | It would appear that this is a known design "feature" -- I didn't 
> delete 
> | my buff-*.rc5. (Even if the clients aren't backwards-compatible, they 
> should
> | at least not hang on invalid buff files.)
> Agreed.  Perhaps they should spend a word in the file header for client
> "version" and "build", so that clients can complain and exit safely
> when a known-incompatible buffer file is there.
> etc...
> This would at least allow us to rule out version mixing as the source
> of the "I'm getting strange errors with my client XXX" problems.
My thoughts exactly...

> An even nicer feature would be one which converts old buff-out files to
> the new format whenever the format changes.  This could even be a
> standalone program rather than part of the client.  
Great minds think alike -- I said almost exactly the same thing in another

> (Converting buff-in
> files isn't strictly necessary -- discarding them is much easier and
> the client could do that automatically as well.)

I'm still not convinced that throwing out blocks is justified given the
overhead involved in doing a second pass through the never-turned-in
keyspace.  (I would be surprised if it wouldn't involve a re-write of the
main proxies to handle sparse block-sets (no longer would they fetch
superblocks from the One True Keyserver -- they would have to buffer
individual blocks.))

Moreover, deleting the buff-in.rc5 files would screw up other
clients still running older versions.  Now that I have thought about it
more, clients should just suicide with an error if an incompatable buffer
file is found (shouldn't be a problem for people running semi-clandiside 
primary user is clueless) clients -- this would only happen on client
upgrade anyway).

> Thoughts?
I hope Nugget and frends are listening.  I can only have good ideas, I 
implement them (due, of course, to our old friend proprietary code...)

> --Joe

	-=- James Mastros

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