[RC5] Block times : an explanation

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Fri Jan 16 10:28:48 EST 1998

> Something strange in the performance difference between Pentium and PPro! 
> My PPro-200 does 919Kkeys/sec, whereas my oc'ed P-180 does 856Kkeys/sec 
> (extrapolated to 951Kkeys/sec at 200). Is something wrong here?
> Both clients use their respective optimised code, hard-coded in the 
> config. The benchmark figures are closed to the accummulative rates 
> reported in the log after running for more than 24 hours. Both are linux 
> client v2.7002.383.
> TwinTowers ||

After reading another post by Remi, I guessed it's my responsibility to 
reply to my own post here. Yes the problem described above is "normal". 
Here is what Remi said:

Yes, with the current core Pentiums are faster than PPro. A 200 MHz
Pentium cracks ~980 kkeys/s when a 200 Mhz PPro cracks ~850 kkeys/s
(test under NT4).
We took the BrydDES core as-is, and it was optimized for the Pentium
(perhaps simply  because its author (Svend Olaf Mikkelsen) had access to
only a Pentium and not a Pentium Pro...).

(end quote)

TwinTowers ||

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