[RC5] I think we have a some serious problems...

Jeff Lawson bovine at distributed.net
Thu Jan 15 03:25:22 EST 1998

At 04:00 PM 12/31/99 , rc5 at xyzzy.com wrote:
>1) I'm running the 2.7001.380 CLI Windoze/95 client on a 20mhz Pentium
>PC. It claims to do 375000 keys/sec and yet it seems like it's taking 
>than the RC5 client. (I believe others have pointed this out already)

The new clients can now process variable sized blocks.  This may mean that
the blocks that you process are indeed larger and may thus take longer,
dispite the faster keyrate. 

>2) Additionally, it seems that sometime today my other clients (SGI, Sun,
>etc.) have stopped processing RC5 keys! My logs look like what is listed
>below. Note that instead of telling me a whole pile of keys have been
>processed it tells me *zero* have been processed... It's FLYING through
>blocks. In the log fragment below it's checking in what I believe is the 
>real block of work for that client and from there it proceeded to just 
>zero keys per block. Clients that are working off of stored blocks still
>seem to be crunching.

This problem is being addressed.  Try deleting your buff-in files on these
older clients and fetching more blocks if you are still having this

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