[RC5] Automating install - The Code

Andrew Wood andrew.wood at ITU.CH
Fri Jan 16 12:04:34 EST 1998

thanks to everybody that sent me tips.  The final code that I was able to
get working consisted of two procedures the fist des.cmd deletes the old
image off the machine and then calls autorc5.reg to update the auto start
option in services.
I have included the debugged code to help anybody else that may want to do
Note as I'm also installing some new machines I've added some code at the
front which just fails if the old image is already installed.



mkdir c:\winnt\rc5
cd \winnt\rc5

rem Copy the files
copy j:\divapps\rc5\rc5d*.* c:\winnt\rc5\*.*
copy j:\divapps\rc5\des.cmd c:\winnt\rc5\*.*

Rem Flush the buffers of completed blocks
c:\winnt\rc5\rc564srv -flush

Rem stop the service
net stop "Bovine Distributed.Net RC5 Service client"

Rem Uninstall the old client
rc564srv -uninstall

Rem delete all old files
del c:\winnt\rc5\*.rc5
del c:\winnt\rc5\rc564*.*
del c:\winnt\rc5\64.log

Rem Install and start new service.
c:\winnt\rc5\rc5desrv -install
net start "Bovine Distributed.Net RC5/DES Service client"




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