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Bernd Sokolowsky ulmo at garozzo.franken.de
Fri Jan 16 10:04:02 EST 1998

>>>>> Colin L Hildinger writes:

CLH> Well, DES is only about twice as fast AND the block sizes, while
CLH> technically correct, are incorrect.  The keyservers hand you a
CLH> 2^30 DES block and you process all 2^30 PLUS the 2^30
CLH> complimentary keys for a grand total of 2^31 keys.  That means
CLH> that it's 8 times larger and only twice as fast so it takes 4
CLH> times longer.

What irritates me a little is the following:

As far as I know I fetched only 2^30 blocks (I never touched this
config option) and I see blocks processing in roughly 7 hours 
reporting about 85 kkeys/sec. This is on a 486DX40 running Linux.
Occasionally though rc5des finishes a block in 3:38 (the keyrate
is not increased). How can this happen ? 

Bernd. (client rc5des383-linux-x86-nonmt.tar.gz)

[01/15/98 22:39:51 GMT] DES 2^30 Block: 00006B2E:50000000 being processed
[01/15/98 22:39:51 GMT] 42 Blocks remain in file buff-in.des
[01/15/98 22:39:51 GMT] 2 Blocks are in file buff-out.des
[01/16/98 02:17:50 GMT] Completed block 00006B2E:50000000 (-2147483648 
                        03:37:59.20 - [82817.75 keys/sec]
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