[RC5] Splitting buff-in.des?

Dave Avery cwax at pacbell.net
Fri Jan 16 14:19:19 EST 1998

Anssi Saari wrote:
> Since I somewhat stupidly downloaded 1000 DES blocks, which would take my
> Pentium 40 days or so to check, I'm wondering if it would be possible to
> just "shave off" some blocks from my buff-in.des and give them to some
> other computer to check? Otherwise, with bad luck, the contest might be
> delayed if the right block is sitting on my hard disk... Returning the
> blocks
> unchecked would be OK too, of course.
> It seems the file format is rather simple and it seems simple enough to
> cut out the blocks, but I'm not quite sure it would work.

How about just finding someone with fast computers and sending
them the whole buff-in.des file and then you can get a new one.

simple and elegant


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