[RC5] Crashes with rc564

Andy Fletcher andy at cyberware.co.uk
Fri Jan 16 21:04:17 EST 1998

Within the last couple of days I have found that win3.1 and Linux (alpha)
versions of the bovine client have stopped working.

The Linux version dies immediately with the following output:

[01/16/98 20:50:02 GMT] Block: 660464D4:00000000 being processed
[01/16/98 20:50:02 GMT] 3 Blocks remain in file buff-in.rc5
[01/16/98 20:50:02 GMT] 0 Blocks are in file buff-out.rc5
Floating point exception (core dumped)
[andy at tama rc5]$  

Both versions worked fine until this week.  The Linux version had on one
occasion clocked up over 3 weeks of CPU time between system reboots.

Are these problems due to the DES 2 challange starting ?  At present the
new client is not available on these platforms.

Any suggestions ?


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