[RC5] AIC Code and absentminded clients?

Greg Wooledge wooledge at kellnet.com
Fri Jan 16 21:34:40 EST 1998

Kwoody (kwoody at citytel.net) wrote:

> I dont have access to the box anymore as shell was restricted but I ran 
> the -config options and configed it all, ran the -test and it passed all 
> tests then ran the benchmark and it all worked fine. Again this was on an 
> rs6000 running aix 3.2.

Ah, but what model RS/6000?  IBM makes "RS/6000" computers with three
different architectures -- "POWER", "POWER2" (which is rare), and
"PowerPC".  Yes, that last is the same PowerPC used in Power Macs.

The PowerPC 601 chip used in (some of? all of?) the PowerPC RS/6000's is
capable of running instructions from the POWER architecture.  The 601 is
a transitional chip, providing backward compatibility so that POWER apps
could run on the new PowerPC architecture.  Newer PowerPC chips (603,
604, 620, ...?) don't have the POWER instructions; they're only backward
compatible with the "standard" (non-POWER) PPC601 instruction set.

So, an application (such as an RC5-64 client) compiled for the POWER
architecture will probably run on most any RS/6000, but an application
compiled with the PowerPC architecture will not run on older RS/6000's.
On the other hand, a POWER application will probably not achieve the
same speed as a PowerPC application, when running on a PowerPC system.

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