[RC5] [ADMIN] Non-Intel Clients Available Today / Stats

Wintermute wintermute at greenapple.com
Fri Jan 16 19:35:13 EST 1998

RE: Re: [RC5] [ADMIN] Non-Intel Clients Available Today / Stats
BY: lunaslide <lunaslyd at pacbell.net>

>I just want to say one thing (and I can, because it's my birthday), this
>effort is not about the stats.  And it's not about the money.  If it is,
>and the non-Intel users decide to use clients that cannot report them as
>the keyholder, I, for one, will change the email config to
>rc5 at distributed.net on all my machines.  We all want to a new stats server
>- - where's the money going to come from?  This is a research project.
>Research projects need money.  Let's do this thing.

     I'm cracking along with three machines, and my name is still nowhere 
the top 100 on stats, so that's definately not why I'm doing it. I'm also 
on a
team that will be donating anything we happen to win to charity, so 
that's not
why I'm doing it. I'm doing it because it's an interesting project, and I 
to be part of it. I'd still want to be part of it if I couldn't use my own
e-mail address in the client.

     As far as the effort being a research project, you're absolutely 
I've been donating my spare processor power to the project, and 
recruiting as
many people as I can to join in, but never once thought about the money
required to coordinate this thing. d.net's share of the prize money from 
probably doesn't even scratch the surface, so we all need to think about
donating a little spare money to the effort as well if we can :)


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