[RC5] Non-Intel Clients and bit-slice

TwinTowers || rc5crack at kuala-lumpur.inet-one.com
Sat Jan 17 17:14:42 EST 1998

> From: "Adam L. Beberg" <beberg at distributed.net>
> 1. These clients are the DESCHALL clients, so you are going to actually
>    have to read the instructions and run them as directed.

The clients available on ftp.d.n seem to be those without the bit-slice 
feature. They are of version V0.214, which is the version before 
bit-slice was put in, according to http://www.frii.com/~rcv/m67.htm :

  167MHz UltraSPARC .......  669K keys per second -- V0.214
  167MHz UltraSPARC ....... 1220K keys per second -- v0.215-dk002
  167MHz UltraSPARC ....... 2400K keys per second -- v0.215-dk003

So, where are the clients with bit-slice? Or are they purposely not 
released for some reason?

TwinTowers ||

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