[RC5] v3, etc.

GMH13 GMH13 at aol.com
Sat Jan 17 20:05:58 EST 1998

With v3, will there still need to be different cores for each client?  It
would be much more efficient and much quicker to start new projects if 
one core needed to be written.

How much easier will it be to start new projects with v3?  We need some
more/new projects.  Decryption is getting old.  There are millions of 
who would join d.net except they don't care about encryption.  We need to
diversify, expand.

With the start of des2, we've learned how many problems there still are.
Instead of not having stats, now we're missing clients.

Is there anywhere on the d.net webpage that advertises Eyegive?  Those on 
mailinglist know about Eyegive, but the rest of d.net may not.

Death isn't pretty -- DES2 is going down!

Windows95 -- official operating system of the mir space station

Greg Hogan
GMH13 at aol.com

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