[RC5] v3, etc.

Joe Sunday void at null.net
Sat Jan 17 21:29:30 EST 1998

GMH13 wrote:

> With v3, will there still need to be different cores for each client?  It
> would be much more efficient and much quicker to start new projects if
> only
> one core needed to be written.

I'm not an official voice on this, but Yes. You simply couldn't run 
code on a Pentium or vice-versa, each platform will need a core. Also, 
need separate cores for each project. However, writing the first core in
Ansi-C (Or any other standard language available on multiple platforms) 
allow cores to be compiled for all platforms from one source, with 
assembly routines for each platform following, as the C version likely 
be as fast as a hand-tuned assembly version designed to take advantage of
certian features on the host machine.

As for the rest of your note, I'm as much in the dark as everyone else 
V3. From what I've heard, simply submit a core to the group, and people 
select to run it. I haven't heard [concrete] anything about verification 
cores, what's acceptable, etc. though.


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