[RC5] v3, etc.

Charles P. Wright cpw at unix.asb.com
Sun Jan 18 02:24:37 EST 1998

GMH13 wrote:
> With v3, will there still need to be different cores for each client?  It
> would be much more efficient and much quicker to start new projects if
> only
> one core needed to be written.
It would be nice if you could pop modules in and out, like the linux

> How much easier will it be to start new projects with v3?  We need some
> more/new projects.  Decryption is getting old.  There are millions of
> people
> who would join d.net except they don't care about encryption.  We need to
> diversify, expand.
It would also be nice to have connected and unconnected states, while a
system is connected it could do something like the dist. chess engine
that needs to be current, or another project, but while disconnected
could work on RC5.

> With the start of des2, we've learned how many problems there still are.
> Instead of not having stats, now we're missing clients.
This is the main problem, we need some non-intel stuff, and
GUI/Screensavers for W95/NT.
> Death isn't pretty -- DES2 is going down!
> Windows95 -- official operating system of the mir space station
Linux - The Choice of a GNU Generation.

Charles P. Wright
cpw at unix.asb.com.

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