[RC5] v3, etc.

Peter Bortas peter at idonex.se
Sun Jan 18 20:46:11 EST 1998

Joe Sunday <void at null.net> writes:

> GMH13 wrote:
> > With v3, will there still need to be different cores for each client?  It
> > would be much more efficient and much quicker to start new projects if
> > only
> > one core needed to be written.
> I'm not an official voice on this, but Yes. You simply couldn't run
> PowerPC code on a Pentium or vice-versa, each platform will need a
> core. Also, you'll need separate cores for each project. However,
> writing the first core in Ansi-C (Or any other standard language
> available on multiple platforms) would allow cores to be compiled
> for all platforms from one source, with optimized assembly routines
> for each platform following, as the C version likely won't be as
> fast as a hand-tuned assembly version designed to take advantage of
> certian features on the host machine.

It would be nice if there was a bytecode-core so that more obscure
platforms like Acorn, Amiga or whatever didn't have to wait for new
cores. Also, a security manager wouldn't hurt, and thats much easier
if you define your own bytecode.

One obvious candidate would be Java.

Obviously this wouldn't be as fast as a natively compiled core, but it
let's more people participate.

>  As for the rest of your note, I'm as much in the dark as everyone
> else about V3. From what I've heard, simply submit a core to the
> group, and people can select to run it. I haven't heard [concrete]
> anything about verification of cores, what's acceptable,
> etc. though.

I must admit that I'm less informed about this than you are, so I
little input from the d.net-people wouldn't hurt.

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