[RC5] New Clients - are they slow?

Peter French tsdpf at ibm.net
Sun Jan 18 19:33:58 EST 1998

    Hi all,                            18 Jan 1998 18:59:34
    Just rejoined the lists after having to manage an overflow of
in-mail, so apologies if this has been asked before.  I noticed on
Saturday 98/01/17 that there was a DES/RC5 client as well as a GUI
client for OS/2.  I've downloaded both, but I'm not sure what I'm
seeing here.
  Old Client V2.6401         New Client V2.7003       GUI Client
  1427 blocks                 18 RC5 blocks            1 RC5 blocks
  200:06:45.45                08:29:13.43              02:00:55.49
  528743.79 keys/sec          547701.32 keys/sec       147990.20 keys/sec
                                                       2 DES blocks
                                                       591960.80 keys/sec
 +- 7.135 Blocks/hour          2.11 Blocks/hour        0.5 Blocks/hour
  Now I know this is not a scientific comparison, but the "feel" of the
running client supports the above observations that they are processing
the blocks much slower than the old client.  I know the keys/sec are
higher, but the work seems very much slower.  I thought the blocks may
be a lot bigger (RC5 2^30 Block - whatever that means) but the buf.in
files seem to divide out about the same as the files for the "old"
client - so I'm assuming that they are working on approximately the same
amount of information?
  In addition, I can't seem to get the GUI client to report (in the
online window) that it is using my mail address.  It normally starts
reporting the correct e-mail address, which I've not only put in the
setup page, but also included as a startup parameter - but after the
first block is processed it reverts to;
RC5DES Client v2.7003.385 started.  Using  as email address. - a blank!

     "Peter French" <tsdpf at ibm.net> THE System Decision CC

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