[RC5] New Clients - are they slow?

James Mastros root at jennifer-unix.dyn.ml.org
Sun Jan 18 18:55:05 EST 1998

On Sun, 18 Jan 1998, Peter French wrote:
> I thought the blocks may
> be a lot bigger (RC5 2^30 Block - whatever that means) but the buf.in
> files seem to divide out about the same as the files for the "old"
> client - so I'm assuming that they are working on approximately the same
> amount of information?
Your logic here is flawed:
The buff-in.* files simply record the begining of each block and it's 
Now, the desII client has much larger blocksizes... Rc5 had 2^29 
(I'm not quite certian on this -- FIXME) (read two to the thirtieth -- two
times itself 30 times.), and desII has a varabily sized keyblock -- it
defaults to 2^30, which meens that it acatually proccesses 2^31 blocks.
Your client is doing four times the number of keys per block.

>   In addition, I can't seem to get the GUI client to report (in the
> online window) that it is using my mail address.  
Sorry, can't help here.

	-=- James Mastros

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