[RC5] v3, etc.

Wesley Felter wesley at scripting.com
Sun Jan 18 18:12:19 EST 1998

> It would be nice if there was a bytecode-core so that more obscure
> platforms like Acorn, Amiga or whatever didn't have to wait for new
> cores. Also, a security manager wouldn't hurt, and thats much easier
> if you define your own bytecode.

There's no need; a C core takes such little effort to compile and 
provides much better performance than Java. You still have to compile 
each core for each architecture, but that takes more people than time.

The reason getting clients for all the architectures in the current DES 
II contest is takingso long is because d.net are perfectionists and 
they're doing separate assembly cores for many different platforms. When 
v3 comes along and d.net starts working on contests that aren't just 
crypto, the need for hand-optimized assembly cores will probably diminish.

Wesley Felter - wesley at scripting.com

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