[RC5] 7003 and GUI clients?

dan carter motion at es.co.nz
Mon Jan 19 22:35:07 EST 1998

On Sun, 18 Jan 1998 23:55:33 -0500 (EST), Phil Gregory wrote:

>I'v recently seen references to 7003 and Win95 GUI clients.  Where ate 
>these to be found?  I haven't seen past 7001 and CLI on 

The OS/2 2.7003.385 CLI & GUI clients are on ftp.distributed.net.
The windows GUI is still being worked on / not out yet.
All platforms apart from OS/2 do not yet have a v2.7003 build available.

Note that all v2.7 builds are in the v2.7001 directory be they .7001 
.7002 or .7003

-dan carter

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