[RC5] New Client Speeds

TwinTowers || rc5crack at kuala-lumpur.inet-one.com
Mon Jan 19 15:10:41 EST 1998

> I'm running both WinNT CLI and FreeBSD CLI clients (RC5DES) and both seem 
> to
> be going slower than the RC5 ones. Anybody else notice this?
> (They both take about an hour to process a single block! are the blocks
> bigger? BTW, I'm on a 233Mhz P2, 64 MB RAM)

Yes, block size is now variable. And the default size of 2^30 is four 
times the size of 2^28 in RC5-64.

> P.S. I need some help with PGP Stuff... any ideas where there's a [online]
> book for it? Thanx

Have you checked www.pgp.com and www.pgpi.com?

TwinTowers ||

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