[RC5] Concerning mothballed equipment

Joe Zbiciak j-zbiciak1 at ti.com
Mon Jan 19 11:10:49 EST 1998

'Lord Somnolent' said previously:

| I personally would like to see my 386sx/16 chugging along on this
| project, just to give it something to do. But I don't want to have 1000
| blocks sitting on it and I don't want to sneakernet for it.

[... idea about telephone proxy snipped ...]

Rather than requiring people to actually have a modem on their old
machines, why not just use a null-modem serial cable (a $10 investment
at your favorite overpriced computer parts store if you don't have one
already) and transfer blocks back and forth that way.  

If you're running Linux on your primary machine, you could have it 
listening for a login session or PPP session on one of its ports.  Or
if you're running DOS 6.x or Win95 on it, you could run Interlink.
(Or Brooklyn Bridge, or any other similar program which allows you
to "remote mount" a drive from another machine).  I'm not sure if
Interlink completely dominates the machine its running on.  Anyone
here more knowledgible in this regards?

If you have one of those wonderful classic communication programs like
Telemate, you could even write a script inside of the comm program to
run RC5 for awhile, and then transfer the completed blocks when its 
finished.  (I don't recall if these programs let you shell out and 
run commands.  I think some of them did, to support their cheesy built-in
"BBS" software.)  Eg.  It would crack awhile with "rc5 -runbuffers", and
then it would "dial" into some other machine (over the null-modem),
log in, Zmodem blocks back and forth (to some net-connected machine
which already has the buff-in ready to go), log out, and then loop
back to the "rc5 -runbuffers".

This would eliminate the sneakernet, and increase the hack value 10000%, 
IMHO.  :-)  (After all, isn't d.net largely about hack value? :-)

(Of course, you could wimp out, like I would, and just install Linux on 
the old beast, and PPP between it and another Linux box.  But, you must
understand, I'm one of the biggest Linux weanies you're likely to meet. 



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