[RC5] new mac client, sort of

Daniel L. Stripes dstripes at unforgettable.com
Mon Jan 19 14:00:31 EST 1998

On 19-Jan-98 04:55:34, David McNett (nugget at slacker.com) typed:

>The lack of a Macintosh client is due to a lack of Macintosh developers.

>It's just that I, Bovine, Duncan, Tim, Neil, and the dozen or so other
>client developers and distributed.net coordinators don't have the equipment
>nor experience to build you a Mac client. If you have a problem with that
>then find us a mac developer.

Thank you.

Although this may be obvious to those of you at the heart of this effort, 
is not necessarily so to the masses who wish to contribute to the cracking
effort and needs to be overtly stated in public as you have now done.

Many of us don't have the resources either, but if we know that 
development is
not happening on a client for a particular platform because there is no
developer, then we may expend some of our energies to encourage persons 
we know are capable and have the resources.

Without the overt announcement, however, we would not do this so as to 
unnecessary duplication of effort and to minimize our intrusions on those 
you who (probably) barely have enough time to accomplish what you've 
set out to do.

>You have no idea how frustrating it is for me to sit and watch our Mac
>participants forced to either ignore the DES challenge entirely or be
>forced to sacrifice their stats and run the unattributed DESCHALL client.
>(btw: Thanks Rocke!)

At least they have a client that allows them to participate in the current


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