[RC5] Linux clients

Cedric Tefft cedric at earthling.net
Mon Jan 19 11:46:02 EST 1998

Joe Zbiciak wrote:
> Hi,
> | i see 2 linux clients.
> | mt and non-mt
> | what is the difference.
> The acronym "mt" means "multithreaded".
> There are two main improvements in the mt client vs. the non-mt
> client:
> 1) It can upload/download blocks while it's still cracking, thus
> making
>    it slightly faster at cracking.
> 2) If you have multiple CPUs, it can start a thread for each CPU
>    automatically.
> The "non-mt" client should only be used if you're having trouble
> getting the "mt" client to work.
> Is this information in a FAQ somewhere?  I don't recall seeing it
> anywhere
> other than in discussion here in this group.

I don't think it used to be, but now it's spelled out pretty clearly on
the client download page (http://www.distributed.net/des/clients.html):

"Clients explictly marked with "MT" are multithreaded and depending on
the operating system implementation of
threads, may require special libraries. Multithreaded clients on single
processored machines are still an advantage since this allows network
activity to occur in parallel with normal client operations."

- Cedric

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