[RC5] Win32 GUI Client Request

Robert Brooks robertb at geocities.com
Mon Jan 19 14:39:33 EST 1998

Eric Gindrup amptly pointed out, referencing the GUI client:

>Also, it is a good thing to actually get *people* involved in 
>distributed.net. [...]  If d.net intends to do more than ~20G(RC5)k/s, 
>then it will be necessary to actually talk *people* into being interested 
>in us.

I've attempted to recruit some co-workers into the effort, but with no
success.  Please pardon me if I missed it somewhere (very possible!), but
I'd like to find a one- or two-line statement that answers the question,
"Why would I want to put that on my PC?"

Even as a programmer, I'm nervous about running anything hidden.  In fact,
I used the info about the RC5 hidden client to get rid of some other
bothersome hidden apps.  I certainly agree with others that, for pure hack
value, this project is its own justification!  I just want to win over the

Besides, the creative messages from the proxies justify the "cost of
admission" all by themselves!  Non-hackers gotta have the GUI for that...

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