[RC5] What blocks size do the stats use?

MiltonForté II mwf at ibm.net
Mon Jan 19 15:04:03 EST 1998

In <199801191611.LAA01810 at chipsworld.llamas.net>, on 01/19/98 
   at 08:38 AM, "Sebastian Vuorinen" <ssvuori at ibm.net> said:

>On Fri, 16 Jan 1998 13:14:57 -0500, Mike Faunce wrote:

>>And on a similar note, what happens if I edit my .ini file and change my 
>>block size?  Are keys lost or reported wrong? does the client produce an 
>>error?   I haven't tried it --- yet :)

>I tried this out by altering the .ini file for 2^28 sized blocks after  the
>was full of 2^30 sized blocks. After the change the client slowed down 
>about 10 kk/s. It seems that the client (that is - at least the OS/2 one) 
>can handle block sizes different from the size specified in the .ini  file, 
>but does so at a cost. 

I didn't see a change in speed when I changed the block size.

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