[RC5] Concerning mothballed equipment

Martin Brandt plstkman at island.net
Mon Jan 19 11:10:26 EST 1998

>So I thought up a way to get computers like mine up into the
>distributed.net effort and be quasi-networked. In spite of being a
>386sx/16, it still has a modem (a 28.8 even, one of the first by PPI).
>Instead of connecting to an ISP just for some blocks, how about if the
>client dialed up a central "telephone proxy" and used something like
>Zmodem or HSLink to send and receive blocks.

I believe any one of us could do it with a bit of custom software.  There
are two possible setups for the server side:

On a machine with a dedicated net connection -> the software on the 
side would dial in and send it's out-buff file (complete file, even zip'd 
that makes it much smaller), e-mail address, and # of blocks desired.  The
server side then "edits" an INI file to the e-mail and # of desired blocks
of the calling system, places the out-buff in the directory, fires up
rc5des.exe -update, and sends the resulting in-buff back to the
calling system before hanging up.

On a dialup net connection machine -> I believe the same kind of thing 
be setup using the regular personal proxy software, but I haven't had any
reason to use it yet.

On the client side we run the DOS client (i'd imagine most of these 
will be setup with DOS) with the -runbuffers option and fire up the custom
calling software every time it exits.

So the big question would be, is it worth it?  How many people would use
such a service, especially if it involved a long distance call every day 
two?  How effective would the addition of these machines be to the effort?

I could put together DOS versions of the calling software using a FOSSIL
driver and DSZ or HSLink without much trouble, but I don't have a 
line or internet connection to run it on.  The clients wouldn't need
anything more than a 2400 baud modem since the buffer files are so
small...and they could probably even run off a floppy disk with no monitor
or keyboard.

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