[RC5] [IDEA] client questions and one-liners

Greg Wooledge wooledge at kellnet.com
Mon Jan 19 20:58:40 EST 1998

Seth Dillingham (seth at snet.net) wrote:

> For example, we're frequently getting questions about the linux mt and 
> non-mt clients, because people don't realize that one is multi-threaded, 
> and the other is not, or they don't know the reason for using one over 
> the other (for the linux mt/non-mt issue, mt allows fetching and flushing 
> while key-checking continues, but I don't know why you WOULDN'T use it...)

The MT client will not work on Linux 1.X kernels; only the non-MT client
will.  Linux 2.X users should use the MT client, even if they are not
using multiprocessor systems, because the MT client can continue to
crack while talking to keyservers, as Seth points out.

And just in case anyone doesn't know, you can learn the version of your
Linux kernel by typing "uname -r" at the command prompt.

By the way, the Linux clients are statically linked ELF executables,
so your libc versions aren't relevant, but make sure your kernel has
ELF support.  If you've installed a version of Linux released in the
last 2 years, you should be fine on that count.

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