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Jan A. Nedelka jnedelka at kodak.com
Tue Jan 20 09:09:46 EST 1998

Robert Brooks wrote:

>I've attempted to recruit some co-workers into the effort, but with no
>success.  Please pardon me if I missed it somewhere (very possible!), but
>I'd like to find a one- or two-line statement that answers the question,
>"Why would I want to put that on my PC?"

     I've successfully pitched it as a corporate team effort; very 
people have been happy to participate if they can donate their blocks to 
Mighty Yellow Boxes (Team Kodak)!  We generated some real excitement when 
broke the top 100 for a few days.  Try posting a daily stats page outside 
office for the benefit of passers-by; everyone who says "what's this 
should be a participant by the end of the day ;-)
     If your corporate atmosphere is pro small government, try the Big 
pitch.  If it's not, try the 'losing market share to global competitors' 
     There are some pretty compelling reasons to put it on your PC.


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