[RC5] Concerning mothballed equipment

Joe Zbiciak j-zbiciak1 at ti.com
Tue Jan 20 07:07:49 EST 1998

'gindrup at okway.okstate.edu' said previously:

|         How does this method extend to 1 networked (really) machines 
|      n>1 networkless machines?  
|         I'm especially interested in PS/2s which, last I checked, are 
|      compatible with Linux because there are no MCA drivers.  (I recall 
|      that there was an effort to port Linux to MCA but it never seemed 
|      go anywhere.)  

Good question.  One option would be to find an OS (any OS) which lets you
run multiple PPP drivers and then daisy chain computers together with
NULL-modem cables.  

If you could run Linux (which doesn't sound like a huge option, but
bear with me), you could set each box up as a "router", and then you truly
would have a "point-to-point" link.  I'm sure the [Free|Open|Net]BSD 
variants are capable of the same, and one of those flavors may support

An alternate solution would be to have 'n' serial ports on the networked
machine dedicated to the 'n' non-networked machines -- which is pretty 
difficult for 'n'>3.  (I know... for awhile, n==3 in my home until I got
ethernet put in.)

If you don't mind a slight bit of manual labor, you could buy an n-to-1
switch box as well.

|      Of course, M$ seems to claim that PS/2s are at least 
|      DOS compatible, so Win3.x and Win95 will probably crash about as 
|      regularly as on any other hardware.

I seem to recall that there are some "router" and "ip masquerading" 
packages that run under Windows.  You might check the usual Windows
shareware sites to see if you can find any such app.  This may make
the "point-to-point" setup easier.



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