[RC5] new mac client, sort of

gordon grieder grub at grub.net
Tue Jan 20 07:01:01 EST 1998

Nugget says:
> There is no hidden agenda, no ulterior motive, and no desire on our part
> to exclude macs.  It's just that I, Bovine, Duncan, Tim, Neil, and the dozen
> or so other client developers and distributed.net coordinators don't have 
> the equipment nor experience to build you a Mac client.  If you have a
> problem with that then find us a mac developer.
> You have no idea how frustrating it is for me to sit and watch our Mac
> participants forced to either ignore the DES challenge entirely or be
> forced to sacrifice their stats and run the unattributed DESCHALL client.

I don't stick my nose in too often, but here goes:

Judging from the amount of blocks being crunched by Mac clients in the
56 and 64 bit contests, I'd have to say this is a sincere statement.
I'm one of those Mac users who (fortunately) also has 2 x86 machines at
home.  My macs at the office still run RC5-64, my home macs and x86
run DES.

There's a few things the Mac users can do:

1 - Keep running the RC5-64 client.  Hey, you'll be higher up in the
    (dubiously) all-important stats by the time the rest of the world
    runs RC5 again.  ;)

2 - Run DES for the team spirit and have your blocks go in anonymously.

3 - Run Virtual PC and crunch with a Win95 client.
    (Don't laugh, as a joke/test I ran RC5-64 on V95 on a 603e-200 and
    crunched ~80Kkeys/sec sans any optimizations with MacOS)

4 - Buy Code Warrior Gold.  Learn C and assembly, and "roll your own".

5 - Quit whining.  Time is money in the DES contest and I'm sure Nugget
    et al are well aware of all the PowerPC cycles not being used for

I'm sticking with 1 & 2 for the time being (multiple machines).

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