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Subject: RSA roundup: hot tech, hot talk (From the SunWorld editor)

	      SunWorld: The Unix Professional's Power Tool

Dear SunWorld Subscriber:

The RSA Data Security conference in San Francisco last week was
jumping. And we've got three new stories that will catch you up on
what happened there.

First, encryption vendors may be moving towards elliptic curve
cryptography -- but not without caution. Learn what vendors like Sun
are saying about this emerging technology:


Speakers at the RSA conference were critical of the U.S.
government's strict encryption export policy. What are the main
points of contention?


Finally, digital certificate technology, encryption toolkits, and
firewall software were among the numerous types of products unveiled
at the show. We provide a comprehensive list of the most important


We've been getting a tremendous amount of comments about our feature
this month on Linux -- is there a place for this inexpensive Unix in
your shop? In case you haven't read this story yet, be sure to check
it out at


Also, don't overlook these columns either:

Bill's Bookshelf: Esther Dyson's unique take on cyber issues well
	worth the read

Webmaster: What's going to happen with key Web technologies in

Security: Pete's Wicked World -- a report on the recent LISA,
	Network Security, and SNAC conferences

Performance Q&A: Answers to your most frequently asked questions
	about SE Toolkit

Carolyn Wong

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