[RC5] New Client Speeds

Marc Sissom msissom at dnaent.com
Tue Jan 20 09:48:24 EST 1998

David Kelly wrote:
> My PPro-200 does RC5-64 at about 550k keys/sec and P-133 was running
> 175k. Now with rc5des the PPro-200 does about 850k but the P-133 is
> kicking butt at 650k. Same client. Same (FreeBSD) OS. Almost exactly
> the same kkeys/MHz for both CPU's.
> Tried all the CPU selections, got essentially the exact same results.
> Conclusion: DES-II clients are not optimized for CPU. In addition to
> the larger block size the "faster" CPU's aren't so much faster.

Paraphrased news from the rc5-coders list:

The des core(there is only one) has been optimized for the
intel pentium. New versions that have been worked over by
Remi G.(d.n's x86 coding ace) and with improved performance
all around, are on the way.

I am not in any way affilliated with the personnel of d.n.
This is not an 'official' announcement. I am just echoing
what I've read. How I got subscribed to the coders list, I\
don't know, but since it sends me the messages, I read them.

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