[RC5] Possible HTTP proxy problem with new Win32 pproxy (276)

Cedric Tefft shadrack at rocketmail.com
Tue Jan 20 13:50:25 EST 1998

I see they coders have put some HTTP modifications into the latest
pproxies (Win32 build 276 at least) to work around some problems
with the Netscape web proxy (which I am forced to go through).  I am
getting farther than I used to, but still no key exchange.  Anybody
else get this:

[01/20/98 21:31:54 GMT] Bovine RC5 Personal Proxy for Win32 (Build
[01/20/98 21:31:54 GMT] For details, see http://rc5.distributed.net/
[01/20/98 21:31:54 GMT] 32 max connections
[01/20/98 21:31:54 GMT] ready=0/10, done=0 for rc5
[01/20/98 21:31:54 GMT] ready=0/10, done=0 for desII
[01/20/98 21:31:54 GMT] Listener added to ip port 2065
[01/20/98 21:31:54 GMT] rc564 r=0/10, d=0/10, des r=0/10, d=0/10
[01/20/98 21:31:54 GMT] 0d 0:00:00, 0.0 rc5 Mkeys/sec 0.0 des
[01/20/98 21:31:54 GMT] Status: Slot 0 LISTENING
[01/20/98 21:31:54 GMT] Server 100 added to slot 1 ip
port 8080
[01/20/98 21:31:54 GMT] Main proxy serving loop has begun
[01/20/98 21:31:57 GMT] The proxy says: glub ... glub ... glub ...

[01/20/98 21:31:57 GMT] Closing HTTP connection for server

As you can see, my pproxy is connecting to a keyserver (through my
firewall/HTTP proxy -- hence the address), but no
keys are exchanged.  Has anybody else seen this or have suggestions?
 And before everybody jumps in with the obvious; YES, I've tried
putting in specific IP addresses for the keyserver and it doesn't
make any difference.

- Cedric
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