[RC5] New Client Speeds

Remi Guyomarch rguyom at mail.dotcom.fr
Tue Jan 20 03:43:27 EST 1998

David Kelly wrote:
> Gandalf Greyhame writes:
> >
> > I'm running both WinNT CLI and FreeBSD CLI clients (RC5DES) and both seem
> > to be going slower than the RC5 ones. Anybody else notice this?
> >
> > (They both take about an hour to process a single block! are the blocks
> > bigger? BTW, I'm on a 233Mhz P2, 64 MB RAM)
> My PPro-200 does RC5-64 at about 550k keys/sec and P-133 was running
> 175k. Now with rc5des the PPro-200 does about 850k but the P-133 is
> kicking butt at 650k. Same client. Same (FreeBSD) OS. Almost exactly
> the same kkeys/MHz for both CPU's.

That's because :
- RC5 and DES are very different.
- RC5 heavly use a bit rotation instruction, which is slow on a Pentium
and fast on a Pentium Pro. That's why PPros are smashing Pentiums on
- the DES core in the current clients is optimized for the Pentium. In
the new clients (build 387 beeing compiled) there will be a better
performing DES core. It will do ~920 kkeys/s on a PPro 200 Mhz (tested
under NT4).

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