[RC5] Concerning mothballed equipment

Marc Sissom msissom at dnaent.com
Tue Jan 20 09:30:43 EST 1998

Martin Brandt wrote:
> >So I thought up a way to get computers like mine up into the
> >distributed.net effort and be quasi-networked. In spite of being a
> >386sx/16, it still has a modem (a 28.8 even, one of the first by PPI).
> >Instead of connecting to an ISP just for some blocks, how about if the
> >client dialed up a central "telephone proxy" and used something like
> >Zmodem or HSLink to send and receive blocks.
> I believe any one of us could do it with a bit of custom software.  There
> are two possible setups for the server side:

> So the big question would be, is it worth it?  How many people would use
> such a service, especially if it involved a long distance call every day or 
two?  How effective would the addition of these machines be to the effort?
As usual, that depends. How many machines are in one pool? It
would not take very many boxes, nor very many toll calls before
the cost of some surplus ISA ethernet cards and the monthly cost
of a PPP capable ISP account was surpassed.

Really, discount ISP rates are below $20.00 per month and an
ethernet card is anywhere from $2.00 - $15.00 depending. If you
are _really_ cost conscious, then don't bother with ethernet.
Just use one serial cable, and walk it from one box to the next.

If we are talking about scattered machines, one here, one there,
then the better idea would be to find a local pal who does have
internet access and work out the details with him or her. That
way there would be no toll charges and no dependency on anyone
else(besides the two of you) to set this up and keep it going.

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