[RC5] Possibly reporting unchecked blocks as done [v2.7001.381]

Ray Vanlandingham solitaire at soliton.dyn.ml.org
Tue Jan 20 10:58:56 EST 1998

In the process of preparing to upgrade to a newer version of the Linux-mt
client, I restarted, and then stopped, the copy that was running.

>RC5-70 Client v2.7001.381 started.  Using solitaire at soliton.dyn.ml.org as
>email address.
>[01/20/98 15:25:26 GMT] DES Block: 00046825:C0000000 ready for processing
>[01/20/98 15:25:26 GMT] 9 Blocks remain in file ./buff-in.des
>[01/20/98 15:25:26 GMT] 40 Blocks are in file ./buff-out.des
>Child thread # 1 has been started.
>[01/20/98 15:25:26 GMT] DES Block: 00046826:00000000 ready for processing
>[01/20/98 15:25:26 GMT] 8 Blocks remain in file ./buff-in.des
>[01/20/98 15:25:26 GMT] 40 Blocks are in file ./buff-out.des
>[01/20/98 15:45:53 GMT] Shutdown message received - Block being saved.
>[01/20/98 15:45:54 GMT] Saved block 00046826:00000000 (24.02 percent
>[01/20/98 15:45:54 GMT] Saved block 00046825:C0000000 (18.79 percent 
Okay, no problem, I've got 40 blocks checked, and 8 blocks in my inbuffer.
Now I start the client with the -flush option.

>[01/20/98 15:46:04 GMT] The proxy says: "Distributed.Net DESRC5 v274b
>proxy [proxy01.insync.net]"
>[01/20/98 15:46:06 GMT] Sent 8 block(s) to server
>[01/20/98 15:46:08 GMT] The proxy says: "Distributed.Net DESRC5 v274b
>[01/20/98 15:46:25 GMT] Sent 40 block(s) to server

Unless I'm reading things wrong, it looks like the client reported 8 block
that were /not/ checked (the ones in my inbuffer) to the keyserver as
having been checked. This would be a /BAD/ thing. I've kept a copy of my
inbuffer, in case these blocks were actually reported and will have to be
removed from the logfiles manually (OUCH!), but hopefully this isn't an
actual problem. The clients don't report back what unchecked blocks
they're still holding, do they?

Ray Vanlandingham

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