[RC5] End for d.net in the USA?

James Mastros root at jennifer-unix.dyn.ml.org
Tue Jan 20 18:35:25 EST 1998

On 19 Jan 1998 Harka at excelsior.net wrote:
(Originaly: On 19 Jan 1998 jya at pipeline.com wrote:)
> Denise Caruso reports today in the NYT on upcoming copyright
> legislation that would prohibit circumventing any copyright
> protection on digital works. Quote:
>    Many products on the market would qualify for
>    circumvention devices. These include software
>    that allows systems managers to gain access
>    to computers when users lose their passwords
>    and any device used to test the strength of
>    computer security -- products that cannot be
>    tested without trying to break protection
>    technology.
Umm... there is certianly somthing not quite right with that article.  
of the above attempt to break copyrights.  They attempt to break security
(because the secrity is to secure, or to see if it isn't secure enough).  
any case, d.n certainly isn't trying to break copyright.  (In any case, if
the above would be illegal, so would a boot-floppy).

> There's also a report on The WWW Consortium's vote a few days ago
> to include the PICS standard for Web infrastructure and the vote's
> import for censorship. 
Interesting... I think that having PICS signatures be standard (not 
- standard) would, overall, allow for better censoring (=less censoring).
It would allow less miss-hits.  For example, my school recently installed 
proxy that takes out all of geocities, because there might be problems 
a few pages on it.

> The report notes that technologists are now
> making decisions about public policy once dominated by lawyers, and
> defending the self-serving practice much the same: it's for the
> public good.
There is a huge difference:  Lawers make laws: if you violate them, you 
punished.  Technical people make standards: if you violate them, you might
not be as widely readable.  But on the net, the real standards are what 
people use.  In that lies much of its glory.

	-=- James Mastros
I would say sorry for the off-topicness, but though this is (mostly)
off-topic, it needs to be said.

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