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Masta_EMS NKlassen at agape.twu.ca
Tue Jan 20 15:21:14 EST 1998

Another good reason is simply to show up your competitors :)

That's how i got the university i goto online :)

We are successfully showing up many larger universities and are quite 
with our progress.

Try getting your co-workers in the spirit of surpassing their competitors
in the standings.


At 09:09 AM 1/20/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Robert Brooks wrote:
>>I've attempted to recruit some co-workers into the effort, but with no
>>success.  Please pardon me if I missed it somewhere (very possible!), but
>>I'd like to find a one- or two-line statement that answers the question,
>>"Why would I want to put that on my PC?"
>     I've successfully pitched it as a corporate team effort; very 
>people have been happy to participate if they can donate their blocks to 
>Mighty Yellow Boxes (Team Kodak)!  We generated some real excitement when 
>broke the top 100 for a few days.  Try posting a daily stats page outside 
>office for the benefit of passers-by; everyone who says "what's this 
>should be a participant by the end of the day ;-)
>     If your corporate atmosphere is pro small government, try the Big 
>pitch.  If it's not, try the 'losing market share to global competitors' 
>     There are some pretty compelling reasons to put it on your PC.
>                    ---Jan
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