[RC5] End for d.net in the USA?

Wesley Felter wesley at scripting.com
Tue Jan 20 18:00:09 EST 1998

> Denise Caruso reports today in the NYT on upcoming copyright
> legislation that would prohibit circumventing any copyright
> protection on digital works. Quote:
>    Many products on the market would qualify for
>    circumvention devices. These include software
>    that allows systems managers to gain access
>    to computers when users lose their passwords
>    and any device used to test the strength of
>    computer security -- products that cannot be
>    tested without trying to break protection
>    technology.

"Many products" that "include" crypto-cracking software, but not all 
crypto-cracking software. The way I understand the legislation (which has 
been around in one form or another for a few years), it's only illegal to 
decrypt something *for the purpose of violating copyright law*. The 
messages that d.net cracks in the RSA contests aren't copyrighted (or if 
they are, I'm sure RSA gives us the right to crack them, because that's 
the whole point). I don't think it's intended to outlaw crypto research, 
because otherwise there will be no new forms of crypto.

Wesley Felter - wesley at scripting.com

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