[RC5] Upgrading to 2.7001.383 (Linux-mt)

Joe Zbiciak j-zbiciak1 at ti.com
Wed Jan 21 01:07:19 EST 1998

'Ray Vanlandingham' said previously:

| On the DES-II clients page, there is a link to version 2.7001.383 of the
| client....when downloaded and run, this client puts the following line
| into the log file.
| >RC5-70 Client v2.7001.381 started.  Using solitaire at soliton.dyn.ml.org 
| >email address.

| >Visit http://www.distributed.net/ for more information. 'rc564 HELP' 
| >usage
| is still shown by the client when it is started, /despite/ the fact that
| the client executable is now named rc5des. [...]

The 383 build of the Linux-MT client does correctly report its build
information and the binary's name.  The tar file for build 383 unpacks
the client in a subdirectory named "rc5des" whereas the older builds
did not, if I recall correctly.  If you untar this in your actual client
directory, then the untar won't complete since it can't create this 

I'm guessing you're not actually running the 383 binary yet -- possibly
because it unpacked from the tar file in an unexpected location (if at 

Here's what the Linux 2.7002.383 client reports:

$ ./rc5des -update

RC5DES v2.7002.383 client - a project of distributed.net
Copyright distributed.net 1997
DES Search routines Copyright Svend Olaf Mikkelsen
Visit http://www.distributed.net/ for more information. './rc5des HELP' 
for usage

I don't think the fault is in the binary, but somewhere at your end.
I've been running this build 383 binary for a little over a day now,
so its doubtful that you somehow downloaded a different one than mine:

rc5        326 99.9  0.4   876   312   6 R  Jan 19 2905:46 ./rc5des 



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