[RC5] Broken 'runbuffers' option?

Michael Larocque mlarocque at shaw.wave.ca
Wed Jan 21 22:21:56 EST 1998


I seem to be having 2 problems with the new DES clients and proxy
network, one of which may have 'caused' the other. 

1. The 'runbuffers' option on the 2.7006.388 win/cli client seems to
be broken. The client will exhaust it's buffers, and then go into an
endless loop 'completing' duplicate blocks very rapidly. After
approximately 9 hours the client completed 1000+ (2^30) blocks on a
P133 notebook! The same situation occurred to my machine at work
(earlier win/cli 2.7xxx version, not sure which), also with over a
thousand duplicates. After stopping/re-starting the client, it
(without my noticing it at first) flushed these blocks. 

2. Since these two incidents, I have been unable to fetch/flush blocks
with clients or perproxy from my two sites. I think this may be a
result of the unintentional 'spamming' from the broken clients
mentioned above.


<*> Michael Larocque - mlarocque at shaw.wave.ca <*>

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