[RC5] Possibly reporting unchecked blocks as done [v2.7001.3

Ray Vanlandingham solitaire at soliton.dyn.ml.org
Wed Jan 21 19:46:54 EST 1998

On Wed, 21 Jan 1998, Tim Charron wrote:

<logs and stuff snipped>

> > Unless I'm reading things wrong, it looks like the client reported 8 block
> > that were /not/ checked (the ones in my inbuffer) to the keyserver as
> > having been checked. This would be a /BAD/ thing. I've kept a copy of my
> > inbuffer, in case these blocks were actually reported and will have to be
> > removed from the logfiles manually (OUCH!), but hopefully this isn't an
> > actual problem. The clients don't report back what unchecked blocks
> > they're still holding, do they?
> A flush will attempt to flush both your rc5 and des buffers.  Chances 
> are that you had 40 rc5 blocks waiting to flush.

Nope...when I first installed the rc5des client, I put it into an empty
directory, and I had not fetched or generated /any/ RC5 blocks. The was ne
record of any in my log file, and there weren't any buffered on the disk.
All it had messed with were DES blocks.

Ray Vanlandingham

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