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Fabio Coatti cova at felix.unife.it
Thu Jan 22 08:45:08 EST 1998

Here is happened something strange:
I'm running a pproxy (linux x86, build 276) that server several machines,
with linux/x86, sparc/solaris, etc.
Yesterday I've upgraded sparc machines to build 387 of des client: I've
stopped rc564 client and flushed buffers. At this point I've checked the
proxy log, and it was reporting DES (!!!) blocks uploaded by rc564 client.
Even worse, blocks was stored in buff-out.des and flushed to main proxy as
DES blocks. Of course, the blocks are rc564 blocks.
Anyone noticed the same behaviour?

Fabio Coatti
2:332/409.414                   Fidonet
cova at felix.unife.it             Internet
http://felix.unife.it/~cova     Home page
Old SysOps never die... they simply forget their password.

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