[RC5] Re: Win 3.1 client wants Win32s (was: something else)

Greg S. Johnson gjohnson at frozen.com
Thu Jan 22 07:42:09 EST 1998

> Win32s is required so that 32-bit instructions can be run.  Without running
> in 32-bit protected mode, an explicit escape sequence (byte code 0x66) must
> be coded by the compiled before each 32-bit operation.  The net effect is
> to cut the speed of the client by nearly a factor of 2.  There is actually
> a way through a number of undocumented Win3.1 function calls that one can
> execute 32-bit code without having win32s, but it is by no means trivial.

You can very easily write Win 3.1 programs that have 32-bit modules in 
I used to do this all of the time for animation. You have your regular 
program all in 16-bit and link in masm/tasm objs of 32-bit code. If you
declare the module as being 32-bit instead of 16, you do not get the
register size overide penalty. If you are unaware of this and would like
an example, I can send one.

Greg S. Johnson
gjohnson at frozen.com

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