[RC5] Windoze95 problems

Cedric Tefft cedric at earthling.net
Thu Jan 22 00:10:43 EST 1998

David Karl wrote:
> one I'm having trouble with is the old 386 in the corner, client
> for Win32 CLI and DOS both die with an invalid opcode, even when
> explicitly using the i386/486 cores.  Haven't tried new version
> 2.7006,
> about to now.  If that doesn't work though, any ideas save waiting for
> a
> new client?  I know it's not an especially critical bug, but I think
> the
> poor guy's getting lonely :)

The earlier DES clients had an instruction that was invalid on 386
machines.  The latest client fixes this.  The reason you got it when
running the 386/486 core is because the core selection only pertains to
the RC5 code.  There is only one core for DES (DESCHALL clients not

- Cedric

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