[RC5] crashes with all the new DES contest clients

Joe Zbiciak j-zbiciak1 at ti.com
Thu Jan 22 04:33:35 EST 1998

'George D. Nincehelser' said previously:
| Greg Wooledge wrote:
| > This could be an overheating problem.  With excess demand on your CPU,
| > your computer could be running hotter, which could cause some flaky
| > hardware to malfunction when it otherwise stays within normal 
| > parameters.
| Oh, piffle.  Unless you're doing something unusual with your machine 
| over-clocking) it is highly unlikely to be the cause.

I agree.  Booting Win95 is a great way to warm a room in its own right.

| There are a gazillion more likely causes of seemingly random crashes 
| heat caused by "excess demand" on the CPU.  Remember, this is Windows95 
| we're talking about.

Some possibilities include flaky RAM, flaky cache, etc.  if you want to
stick to hardware.  

Here's some ideas for the original poster to look at:

Do you have any service packs installed?  The early Win95 releases had
some memory leaks in various parts of the TCP stack, which the
distributed.net client might be tickling.  Also, try turning off the
exit file check ("exitfilecheck=0" in the .INI, if I recall
correctly).  If you have virus scanning software running, or other
system monitoring software, it's probably going nuts over that periodic
probing of a non-existant file.

Good luck, and happy cracking!


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