[RC5] Mac Clients

Seth Dillingham seth at snet.net
Thu Jan 22 15:50:46 EST 1998

I'm very happy to report that there are once again programmers busily at 
work on a mac client. I have no ETA for the client, but I don't expect it 
to be too long.

When I say "programmers", I mean two. One is Peter Mack, of the BeOS 
client, and the other is Dan Oetting, who wrote the FANTASTIC core 
optimizations for RC5-64.

At least one other mac programmer is still needed/wanted. Specificaly, 
someone with an excellent knowledge of (programming the) networking 
protocols. There have been some volunteers making offers to help, and one 
of them may be the answer, but before a decision is made d.net would like 
to know that they have ALL of the offers.

If you're interested in helping code the mac client, please contact any 
of the following: 

     Tim Charron <tcharron at interlog.com>
     David McNett <nugget at slacker.com>
     Jeff Lawson <jlawson at hmc.edu>
     Seth Dillingham <seth at snet.net>

Decisions need to be made soon, within a couple days, so if you are 
willing and intersted, please contact one of us soon.


Seth Dillingham

p.s. To lessen some of the inevitable questions that will be sent to me 
privately, let me answer some of them before they're asked:

1. Yes, this means that I've become more directly involved with 
   distributed.net (now known as DCTI) than I was previously. 
2. No, I don't know how long this will last. 
3. No, this doesn't mean that I'm done working on the distributed-mac.net 
   website. Far from it!

However, my central focus with that site is the support of distributed 
computing on the Macintosh... for the immediate future, I'm able to do 
more good for the platform, and distributed-computing in general, by 
helping to organize the mac client development (in my limited way) and 
assist with communication issues between d.net administration and d.net 
users. I'm interested in your comments regarding this, but please send 
them to me privately (I don't imagine "List Dad" would let them onto the 
list, anyway).
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