[RC5] does linux .388 client now work with 386's?

Jeff Lawson jlawson at hmc.edu
Thu Jan 22 13:01:50 EST 1998

At 12:25 PM 1/22/98 , Bernd Sokolowsky wrote:
>The odd thing is: This machine did 20kkeys/sec on RC5 and now does
>32kkeys/sec on DES for an increase of about 50%. On the same time my
>486DX40/16MB went from about 40kkeys (RC5) to 86kkeys (DES).
>It's the same client (rc5des388-linux-nomt.tgz), the 386 runs with nice=2
>on a "dedicated" machine with most unneaded processes killed (as before).
>Any idea why the client is so slow on the 386 ?

The rc5 and DES algorithms are extremely different in the makeup of
instructions that are executed.  Because of this, different processors will
see different relative speeds depending on the cpu's ability to perform the
instructions.  For instance, RC5 consists of a large number of rotates,
where DES does not.

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