[RC5] Eyegive

Jim C. Nasby nasby at enteract.com
Thu Jan 22 18:55:57 EST 1998

As per Reid's suggestion...

Eyegive will donate money to d.net everytime you visit their home-page and
click on any of the links. It is suggested that when you register
you give eyegive your current default startup page (in Netscape, look 
general preferences), and set eyegive as your new startup page. This way, 
you load your browser, it will go to eyegive, where you can click on the 
to your startup page to go there...

For more info, go to http://www.eyegive.com/html/about_eyegive.html
To sign up, go to


Reid Conti wrote:

> > Wow, we're up to 14.7% of all the money eyegive's given out... $1500 :)
> Whoa.. heh.. i remember when eyegive was first announced, but I forgot how
> to do it.  you might want to go ahead and re-mention it to the list, just
> for people like me :)
> - reid


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