[RC5] C DES core

Greg Wooledge wooledge at kellnet.com
Thu Jan 22 22:10:37 EST 1998

Mary Conner (trif at serv.net) wrote:

> Given some of the reactions that I have seen to the released x86 clients,
> releasing a functional but slow C DES core may have backfired.  I have
> seen people saying that they're going to put their cyrixes back on rc5
> because the cyrix no longer outperforms the pentium, and this would hurt
> their stats.

You raise a good point, but I think that having the *option* of running
slow DES clients would still have been beneficial to the overall effort.
Even if only a small fraction of d.net participants would have been
willing to run the slower clients, it would still have been better
than nothing.  Then, those who are just in it for the stat rankings
could have joined the DES effort when the faster optimized-assembly-core
clients became available.

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